Roctavian Colored

I Ship It

Octavian x Rachel Elizabeth Dare / Heroes of Olympus art by Viria, colored by

Because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do

I will forever love all the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson characters. I will always have a crush on Leo, but still.I SHIP CALEO SO MUCH!

Rachel Elizabeth Dare take away the "redheaded nightmare" part, and this is a perfect picture of her. Description from I searched for this on

Rachel Elizabeth Dare

PJO Genderbend (viria) Nico~Nicole Annabeth~Andrew or Andy Percy~Pearl Thaila~Theo Frank~Frankie Hazel~Henry Leo~Lea-Lia Piper~Peper Jason~Jenny or Jenna

Happy Birthday Percy!!

I can't believe I missed it! Apollo and Artemis put on a show in honor of percy three days late and I had to go see it two I was in he car and didn't get to celebrate

I actually just really like this fanart

this one scene from fic “i am not a weapon” destroyed me so obviously, i had to draw it (and it goes really well with this song, too)

It was an accident

Leo’s legs trembled. The way Percy had looked at him made him feel the same as when Jason summoned lightning. Leo’s skin tingled, and every instinct in his body screamed.

Octavian and Rachel.

Octavian meeting Rachel Elizabeth Dare-- if this doesn't happen, I'll never read Heroes of Olympus again

Rachel did try to kiss Percy, but she is still AWESOME

Anonymous said: Oh god, I'm in love with the way you draw Hazel. Could you maybe draw Rachel? (Only if you want to of course) She is my alltime favourite from the pjo-books and I.

2/3 She hugged Percy tighter and kissed him. ‘Tell me about New Rome’, she demanded. ‘What were your plans for us?’  'New Rome…For us…?'  'Yeah, Seaweed Brain. You said we could have a future there! Tell me!'

The House of Hades: Percabeth in the river Cocytus after falling into Tartarus. By Viria. Now excuse me while I go crawl into a hole and cry.