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My Little Pony Avengers. I wish they actually made these so Scarlett could have them! May have to put Ben to work painting some My Little Pony originals being the artist that he is!

My Little Avengers.

My Little Pony Avengers. I don't usually go for this kind of thing- but pony! And the assumed gait of Pony!Loki is killing me.

My favorite scene in the Avengers movie.

When the boss is not around…

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Wanda and Vision

because order and chaos belong together. (Vision and Scarlet Witch have a LONG relationship - and get married - in Marvel canon.

Bucky Barnes + Tony Stark. I think this would be a good way for Bucky and Steve to catch up on the times

"are you a robot?" "I am an artificial intelligence program." "cool i’m part robot." "The technical term is cyborg, sir." "A Toaster, Sir.

This should not be that funny

Dad is Iron Man, wear a Batman shirt and belt buckle

Bucky has always been there for Steve and I love that about these two. They're best friends and it's really sad when Bucky doesn't know who he is. (I hate Hydra for doing that to him.

I Didn't Like The New Spiderman, But This Made Me Laugh

Spider-Man Sarcasm<<< I FRIGGIN SWEAR! This is why I'm sooooo thankful they re-did it with Andrew Garfield, he's perfect as Peter Parker.

This made me laugh harder than I should have XD I need to go to bed.

The baby spider trying to comunicate with the momma spider - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!