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Avatar! - Good Meme

The Legend of Korra: The Fresh Avatar Of Republic City! two best things molded into one!

Now Why Didn't I Think Of That? | Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra | Know Your Meme

Now Why Didn't I Think Of That?

"I Mean, If It Works." -- My gosh this mashup, I can't! Legend of Korra, meet Patrick Star

Ozai's Parenting | Azula & Zucchini | The Last Airbender | Avatar

Azula and Zucchini. I can't wait for Zucchini to become Firelord.

Oh No, My Cabbages! Avatar the last Airbender

Oh No, My Cabbages!

Can we all just take time to appreciate that Zuni grew Iroh’s beard? NO

The moment when you realize that Zuko grew the same beard Iroh has. he's still grumpy tho

Too bad that Appa & Momo fight didn't really happen :(

Sleep Deprivation: just when you thought there wasn't anything worse than the Cactus Juice. Aang, Momo, Appa - Avatar: the Last Airbender