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Jarida <3  Merida: «Stai zitto! Era un'idea di Punzie, non mia! Quindi non parlare!» Jack: «Sai... sai che sei molto carina vestita così?»  Jarida <3  Yes, I'm Italian :)

(Modern AU Jarida): Truth or Dare Summary: After a game of truth or dare, Merida does the impossible. Jarida:Truth or Dare

Kiome-Yasha's Farplane

““And they say my hair is crazy! Yours defies gravity, lad!” Have some random dorky Jarida.

Merida and Jack Frost :3

teensophie-draws: “ A Jarida and Jackrabbit picture :> yes.

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Also if all the ice melted in arendelle when elsa unthawed her heart. Then wouldn't else's ice castle melt too?

My Theory on the Origin of Elsa’s Powers

It makes more sense if the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are brother and sister. They look more like siblings than the Queen of Arendelle and Corona.