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Artist at work: Freddie Linsky - Have your kids hand paint a canvas and hang up their art work for some precious memories :)

Toddler fools the art world into buying his tomato ketchup paintings

Fun fun fun

Can't decide what's more beautiful: chubby sweet hand or chubby sweet hand swirling a rainbow of colors

“I found the chocolate.” | The 14 Cutest Messes Of All Time

There's nothing cuter than kids. There's nothing messier, either. Check out these adorable little mishaps and laugh, because you'll always have Clorox.

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Cansei de ser bebê virei obra de arte. #DiadeArte

We saw this idea and had to recreate it. 9 month baby painting while sitting on canvas.

#Child of the world#

"This is such a beautiful photo. A future artist that got 'carried away' "~ adorable.

We have selected some of the easiest and fun to work on finger painting and thumb print painting ideas for kids of all ages. These ideas are so much fun, that even you would want to try them out with your kids.

21 Creative Yet Easy Finger And Thumb Painting Ideas For Kids

Finger painting for kids: Easy and fun to work finger painting and thumb print painting ideas for kids. Try them out with your kids.

Home made finger paints | Always gloopier than I want it to be, but definitely safe to eat. Perfect finger paint for babies and curious toddlers.

How to... make Homemade Finger Paint

Love this homemade finger paint idea! Not only will the kids have fun painting with their fingers you can have them help make the paint as well! Twice the fun!