EGA : The Russian Princess by on @DeviantArt

I wanted to use early century elements with big sleeves and a collar, as well as motifs on the skirt. EGA : The Russian Princess

Wa Loli Winter Dress by Neko-Vi on DeviantArt

"Wa Loli Winter Dress" is true to the style and has some cool details. Wa-lolita (in very loose terms) is one of those odd styles that came out of Japan that's a mix between their traditional kimono (generally) and Victorian era fashion.

Please, if you don't know what is "Lolita", read this: My fourth Lolita dresses collection! And second winter collection xD Yeah, yeah, I know it, I "recycled" the Elegant Loli one because of many ...

Another one of the Fan+Friend contest entries. For this one, the inspiration was punk. I took rather basic punk elements, I wanted it to be kind of clean, school-girl look with a little bit of an e.

his is how I want to look.

hair cuts for short hair straight medium lengths hair cuts for short hair straight medium lengths