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What are you guys favorite artists or songs at the moment? I need some new music to take my mind off of what the boy's new music is going to sound like lol.

Ok guys so I-i t-think i wanna propose to Bella but I feel like we are so young. And what if she says no!? And if I do ask her how would I? PLZ HELP SOMEONE!(besides Bella) -luke

Luke Hemmings everyone : 18 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Looks So Perfect

5 Seconds of Summer - Alternative Press | September 2014 | Luke Hemmings

I want a Luke Hemmings. With a lip ring. Where can I find myself a Luke Hemmings with a lip ring.

why aRE THEY ALL SO HOT?!?! I WANT THEIR GENES!! . . Off their bodies...  . . *coughs* . .  I didn't say anything.

Good job Liz :D Let's face it, the hemmings brothers were blessed with amazing genes.

i would hardly call that traumatising> very true

Can't get over him being pelted with fruit by a NAKED Harry Styles. Like I wanna be pelted with fruit by a NAKED Harry Styles.

From humble roots to where they are now. Major changes, and Calum's command was followed.

27 Times Melted Fangirls' Hearts At The Billboard Music Awards<< my heart didnt just melt, it EXPLODED.