Bellatrix Lestrange from the "Harry Potter" series. Description from I searched for this on

Harry guessed Kreacher had saved, magpie-like, from Sirius’s purge of the house, and he had also managed to retrieve the silver-framed family photographs that Sirius had thrown away over the su.

Bad Dobby by feliciacano

Bad Dobby for Wizarding Wednesday. Watercolor on Paper Original Available Bad Dobby

bellatrix's commitment by yurchan on deviantART she looks so young...

"Bellatrixe's commitment" By J. Gotta say I like crazy hair helena better than this.

bellatrix_lestrange_by_madelineslytherin-d5e85t5.jpg (1600×2286)

bellatrix_lestrange_by_madelineslytherin-d5e85t5.jpg (1600×2286)