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Coat (Wentke) (detail) Netherlands, century Textile: India (Coromandel Coast), Cotton, drawn and painted resist and mordant, dyed Length: 52 in. cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Castle Framed Purse, circa 15th or 16th century

But Where Should I Put It? Part I

Century Purse, European, Iron and Leather / The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters Collection, 1952

DIY blouse

pinning this because i like the idea of using a men's shirt and some elastic to go over skinny pants for fall/winter. Or maybe ribbon draw strings instead of elastic?

Detail - Robe 'a la Turke

Graphic Art: Painting – Gown and fichu detail from Self-portrait with a Harp, circa Rose-Adélaïde Ducreux – July Note how the lace at the elbow has been folded up over the sleeve, out of the way of the harp strings for ease of play.

Date: 1887–89 Culture: American Medium: silk, metallic Dimensions: (a) Length at CB: 20 1/2 in. (52.1 cm) (b) Length at CB: 43 1/2 in. (110.5 cm)

The bustle was at its greatest extension by It was almost perpendicular to the back and heavily upholstered. The versions were as padded and heavily embellished as a drawing-room hassock of the period. Silk Dress, via The Met.

Dress (Tea Gown).  Date: ca. 1880. Culture: American. Medium: silk. Dimensions: Length at CB: 68 1/2 in. (174 cm).

Tea gown Date: ca. 1880 Culture: American Medium: silk Dimensions: Length at CB: 68 in. cm) Credit Line: Gift of Thomas Nichol, Jr.

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The Sum Of All Crafts: image collection-women (in black) no info on fashion plate, floral black bustle, IMHO

Detail, Wedding gown by Worth, 1880s.  "He was an artiste who was doing well.  He told me to pick out a nice dress for our wedding, and I chose a beautiful one in a shop window.  Days later he left me, and I spent five years paying off that dress.  I never saw him again."

An Charles Frederick Worth wedding gown worn around I loved the dramatic elaborate style to this dress and I also liked the soft baby pink colour of the garment. The ruffles of the dress give the dress more depth and texture.