Diana Frances — duchessofavalon: Princess Diana 13/❅

Diana Frances — duchessofavalon: Princess Diana 13/❅

Diana   I think she changed the monarchy forever, leaving behind a true legacy for her boys.

Beautiful capture of Princess Diana and Prince William. Great pose for a mother and small child.

This particular piece of Jewelry is known by a few names: Princess Alexandra's Ladies of Bristol Brooch, The Diamond Prince of Wales feather pendant with.

In 1987, the 86-year old Queen Mother enjoyed a pint of bitter during a visit to The Queens Head pub in Stepney in London’s East End. She was offered champagne, but turned barmaid and chose instead to pull herself a pint. Her verdict.. “It’s very nice.”

Hitler called her "The most dangerous woman in Europe." At The Queens Head pub in Stepney, in London's East End, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother enjoying a pint of bitter, which she pulled herself.

Princess Diana

July Diana, Princess of Wales during a visit to the Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, London, where she unveiled a foundation stone for the children's casualty department.

Lady Diana Childhood :: Lady Diana image by dawngallick - Photobucket

Portrait of Diana Spencer. As a child she was just Diana, when she was 14 her Grandfather passed away and her father became Viscount Spencer. She inherited the title of Lady Diana at that time. Such a lovely portrait.

"We were left in no doubt that we were the most important things in her life," William said about his late mother during an interview. "We were so lucky to have her as our mother and there's not a day that goes past when we don't think about her and miss her influence, because she was a massive example to both of us.".....Pinned 6-21-13

August Princess of Wales her family on holiday with the Spanish Royal Family at Marinvent Palace in Majorca, Spain.

I was a Di-fan..loved her smile,,,her compassionate heart....her "common-ness", loved the fairytale -loved the mother she was to her boys..love how she took a genuine interest in people and causes for people in need. I identified with her in so many ways...

Princess Diana wears the earrings, diamond & gold chain, and the sapphire & diamond pendant from the Saudi Sapphire & Diamond Suite.along with the Spencer family tiara at a state dinner in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, April 1993

Compleanno Regina Elisabetta

Il Principe George: un nuovo ritratto per il compleanno della Regina Elisabetta

​Prince George has some serious competition from his second cousin Mia Tindall. The internet went into meltdown after a commemorative portrait was released of Queen Elizabeth and her great-grandchildren.

Two of the most beautiful women in the world.  Sadly they both died not long after this meeting.  Let's honour them by demonstrating the love and compassion they imparted on others.

Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. A phenomenal photo of two exceptional century women. I don't really think that Diana is that special.she is special in our hearts but this picture of her with mother teresa is enchanting.