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June Princess Diana on a walkabout in Saint John, New Brunswick. (Day (she wore a Pearl necklace with earrings with this yellow dress which help with dating it, as when she wore this dress and hat in NZ it was without Pearls and with sapphires)

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Princess Diana ~ the original pinned said: Oh how I loved this dress when i was just a wee little royal watcher : )

Princess Diana

Princess Diana 07 Dec 1983 Am: visit QEII silver Jubilee activities centre on Bursledon Southampton (cossak) Eve: see Carmen by Welsh Nat opera at Dominion Theatre London

December 6 1982 Princess Diana visiting the Millan Asian Community Playgroup in Wandsworth, London.

December The Princess of Wales visits the DHSS in Wandsworth, London, December She is wearing a red suit by Caroline Charles.

Diana in Lahore... Lady Diana in Lahore,in a charity mission,watching a children show,at a hospital dedicated to cancer.

April, Diana, Princess of Wales watching a children's show at Kahn's cancer hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

05-09-81 Broadlands, with Penny Mountbatten

05-09-81 Broadlands, with Penny Mountbatten

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July 25 1989 Diana opened Lambeth AIDS Action's “Landmark” Centre at 471 Tulse Hill, London

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April Prince Charles Princess Diana visit the Anzio Beach Head Cemetery to honour those killed in the landings in Day 10