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The worst

23 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Know Or Understand

#todaykidswillneverknow dude, i did this up until i was 9.

Todays kids will never know how much i hated this ( that handwriting tho )

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Today kids will never know the struggles of the AR Test! I blasted those test out of the sky and earned m stars do I got a feen kids Pizza Hut Pizza every year!

Haha so true! Thank you Bill Nye and Miss Frizzle for inspiring me.

This is totally true, but People in 2013 still watch the magic school bus and bill nye. I'm a grader, and we have watched tons of bill nye and magic school bus.

21 Things Today's Kids Will Never Know

Now they have like fricken minute math.like you tell me I'm only supposed to have an hour of screen time a day and waste 15 minutes of it doing math?

Funny teenager post about pizza. Pizza is the bae.

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Every single time.

(Why are these called teenager posts?) I always find it hard to keep a straight face when people are looking at me, and then they make hasty assumptions based on my facial expressions.it's always awkward

When you'd turn on the TV Guide Channel and immediately catch the exact channel you were looking for.

21 Satisfying Things That Don't Make Any Sense Today

When you’d turn on the TV Guide Channel and immediately catch the exact channel…