James Turrell - Art as revelation

James Turrell Alpha Tunnel from Roden Crater Project, Site-specific installation, Flagstaff, Arizona. View toward Sun and Moon Space © James Turrell.

James Turrell, sculpteur de lumière - 7

James Turrell, sculpteur de lumière

James Turell

James Turrell, Alta (White), 1967 James Turrell (born May is an American artist primarily concerned with light and space. Turrell was a MacArthur Fellow in Turrell is best known for …

Image of the tunnel in the Roden Crater from James Turrell

Gallery of Light Matters: Seeing the Light with James Turrell - 2

James Turrell - light installation

Available for sale from Kayne Griffin Corcoran, James Turrell, Diamonds (Squares on point) Glass L. light, etched glass and shallow space, Runt…

James Turrell | Stone Sky

Stone Sky by James Turrell