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No meio da pura escuridão o silêncio quebrou-se (como a navalha que corta o dedo, ou a lâmina fria que penetra o coração) pelo caminhar delicado de um animal portador de cascos. A medida que os meus passos eram dados para a frente, surgia a caminhar do meu lado direito um belo veado branco. O negro cobria-lhe os cascos e os olhos da cor do sangue sobressaiam-se na pelagem branca. Julgo que podia sentir os meus olhos brilhar com a admiração e perplexidade de ver tão bonito animal a minha…

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S E D I T I O N -> space oddity

megarah-moon: “ “Eekholt” by Frank Stöckel ”

i solemnly swear i am up to no good


deer in night vale

The Dalish are a proud race

Charming deer that Brutus couldn't kill in the end.

eric poitevin #art

eric poitevin #art

kara always asks lena to be partners during their hufflepuff + slytherin astronomy classes

Literally the entire JL

Saski Marmalade (evocativesynthesis: Frank Stöckel (via edelfies))

"Eekholt by Frank Stöckel, featuring a herd of rare white deer running…

Reference: http://algomasquevivir001.tumblr.com/

Angel's hand lights up when she's fighting. Her laser color is aquamarine, so her veins glow with aquamarine light.


Lydia (Dream) Done filling her veins, the ice moved to the surface, freezing her skin and forming crystals

{even the animals knew it was time again for the strange deaths that happened every five years in Freyford}

The light never scared me but it was beginning to creep higher. First my fingertips, then my palm, now my whole hand and I could see the light pushing up my wrist. Soon I would be a walking lightbulb.

This would be cool to animate for the ice power

15 Bilder, die Ihnen die Augen öffnen werden für die Wunder dieser Welt

15 Bilder, die Ihnen die Augen öffnen werden für die Wunder dieser Welt

Sony world photography awards entries “A white fallow deer standing in the morning mist an early morning in Eifel National Park, Germany. One hardly dares to move – can only look fascinated.” Photo by Georg May, Germany

√ ̅  as my writing career progresses, many of the stories that i thought i was gonna pursue have gradually disbanded. whereas atlas was gonna be a supporting character in a fantasy/mystery/romance story, i have come to favor a more edgy shenanigans comedy drama starring her & my homeboy darcy (who also has a board on here). think of it like... walter white & jesse pinkman, but less meth & more 16 y/o brat pairs up with 26 y/o detective on some weird twilight zone adventures lol √ ̅

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George Shiras

That Girl 'Nielle

George Shiras • White Deers

Deer, Michigan Photograph by George Shiras Two deer are seen at night on Grand Island, Michigan, in this early flash photograph by George Shiras, who pioneered both the first flashlight photos and the.