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Quick Tsareena variants! by Raikissu

Quick Tsareena variants! by Raikissu

Final Evolutions of Grass Starters from first 5 generations. Chilling in the Forest.

Incredible grass type Pokemon all near and dear to my heart, but guess which one is my favorite winner gets a cookie

「【ポケモン20th】 キリフダ 【オメデトウ】」/「かんな」の漫画 [pixiv]

by かんな. ” Whitney’s Miltank is like, “hey bitch, remember me?

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alyssakorea: Aaaaaaaand here’s the water pokemon plus dragonair and dratini! Floating in a little pond ツYou can find it here on Spoonflower!

Mega Sceptile, Swampert, and Blaziken

And Sceptile and Blaziken are just like "why is this happening we're supposed to be cool Mega Evolved starters not hugging Pokemon. That was soooooo first evolution.