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ellenbergerdesign + March Gut

ellenbergerdesign + March Gut

paper spring from Geometric Toy

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Monster Rug - @Rosalyn Mok Mok Dunn Smith this reminds me of your baby shower theme!

Monster skin rug

Monster Skin Rug Available in off-white or grey (color varies please ask) industrial felt. Handmade from wool felt and polymer clay by the artist. Approximately x , x Rug will vary slightly from piece to piece. Manufacturer inquiries are welcome.

Casse-noix doré - Seletti

Casse-noix doré - Seletti

http://www.archipanic.com/woodskin/  WOODSKIN   Created by four young Italian designers from Milan, Woodskin is the wooden sheet that flexes like a textile. This new composite and elegant material works like an organic architectural tissue that can be modeled and bent to create complex shapes.

Wood-skin, a combination of Russian plywood and vinyl mesh

My bathroom in my room at Opposite House

opposite bathroom - great tub and sink

home of  french ceramic artist marguerite ‘guidette’ carbonell (1910-2008) World of Interiors Oct 07

An Indian Summer: As the week whizzes past

Moooi Dexter & Sinister

Moooi Launches New Carpets Collection

Washstand by ellenbergerdesign | MONOQI

Leaving behind the weightiness of most bathroom cabinetry, German designer Jannis Ellenberger's simple, ultra-modern washstand is a spectacular and functional expression of curvature in modern design. A single interconnected piece makes up the basin, shel

オルネ ド フォイユ Orne de Feuilles:フランス、ヨーロッパのインテリア雑貨やアンティーク家具

オルネ ド フォイユ Orne de Feuilles:フランス、ヨーロッパのインテリア雑貨やアンティーク家具