Lionheart - Arena of Fate, Will Murai on ArtStation at

Arena of Fate is a brand new IP newly announced by Crytek. It is a fast pacing, 5 x 5 battle arena game, featuring iconic and famous historical characters. Illustration Year: 2014 Client: Crytek Project: Arena of Fate Art Direction: Rosen Manchev


brown hair card art character city electricity eric deschamps (artist) fantasy floating island glowing eyes izzet magic the gathering male planeswalker ral zarek ravnica rooftops

Big album full of knights - Album on Imgur

Big album full of knights

Knight of unknown origin, perhaps of Gazan. Few from the east ever meet the western desert people.

Jace, Telepath Unbound

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Armored Knight.

Alva the Wayfarer, Dark Souls II, this is an NPC knight enemy in Dark Souls II his armour represents the stylised knight armour that i would like my character to have influenced, the cloth around the armour makes for interesting embellishments.


'wandering_across_a_borrowed_belief' by Tran Nguyen. Coloured pencil & acrylic on paper.