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I don't look like I'm in pain? It only took 5 layers of make-up and really strong painkillers.

Prednisone and me

Chronic illness memes for anyone battling a chronic condition such as an autoimmune disease.

My body is experiencing technical difficulties right now

At this very moment in time, I am in so much pain, my back is out and I can't even stand up straight! Chronic Nerve Pain,/Neuropathy/Fibromyalgia/ Lupus SLE/Rheumatoid Arthritis/Chronic Migraines/I.

Sayings about people with invisible illnesses - Google Search

This is my life with Hashimoto's / Chronic Illness! Get sudden burst of energy. Accomplish entire to do list. Spend next week in bed trying to recover from doing too much!

Chronic Illness Cat | My pain is real. My discomfort is real and no one has the right to treat me poorly.

Chronic Illness Cat - Sometimes Healthy people are so tactless, ignorant, and thoughtless when they speak their heads must be full of farts

11 Mistakes To Avoid While Brushing Teeth | Toothbrush, Mouthwash, Floss & Dental Care Tips

11 Mistakes To Avoid While Brushing Teeth

Common Mistakes- Many people make when brushing their teeth at home such as using too much pressure. Do not do more harm than good and talk to your dentist for additional brushing tips.