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Build your own American Gypsy Caravan

The base of this design could be incorporated into a teardrop base and then can be loaded in the utility trailer or taken out!

From The English Gypsy Caravan

Caravan Gypsy Vardo (wagon) -- Interior floor-plan of a Bow-Top Gypsy wagon (Vardo).

good visual on how to build a gypsy wagon

New Gypsy Caravan If you have an interest in Gypsy caravans, Timothy Leimke is bringing them back to life. He’s written a book titled The New Gypsy Caravan which features caravan history, assembly instructions, drawings and full construction plans.

I think i already have it Pinned, but this site is such a great resource

The Baldwin Gypsy caravan was patterned after the Reading caravans which were built in Reading England roughly between 1870 and

Because I think we all can agree that if there is any person that needs a Gypsy wagon; it's me.

Guide To Building A Gypsy Wagon Trailer Guide To Building A Gypsy Wagon Trailer If you are looking to build a nice camper or off the grid tiny house, I think this how to build a gypsy wagon trail