St. Lucia day

scandinavian Festival of Saint Lucia . according to the Julian calendar marks Dec. as the start of Old Christmas season.

Christmas celebrations in Sweden begin with the feast of St. Lucia on the 13th of December. Lucia is the patron saint of light and she is honored on this day. In homes that still observe th

December 13 is Saint Lucia Day in Sweden and is celebrated in many Swedish communities worldwide. The Saint Lucia Crown represents the light that Lucia is to wear in her hair.

Swedes know how to winter better than anyone else!

26 Reasons Why Sweden Rules At Winter

Because Santa Lucia is just the loveliest holiday. 24 Reasons Why Living In Sweden Will Ruin You For Life

Loose greenery arranged garland style on guest tables.

Table Runner With Greens + Candles By Design My Night: There's just something about simple + rustic table settings to me.

Swedish Christmas inspired wedding.  Bride and maid of honor

A Swedish Christmas inspired wedding.via Stacey Bishop photography Small dress for Elsa (or any other bridesmaid lady that are added

The only two World War II WAVES who were also able to wear the WWI Victory Medal.

Lieutenant Commander Joy Bright Hancock, USNR (left) and Lieutenant Eunice Whyte, USNR Photographed circa Both had served in the First World War as Yeoman (F) and were the only World War II WAVES eligible to wear the World War I Victory Ribbon.