I love this only because she's my favourite Disney princess and she fucking gorgeous 😘😍

Hi, my names Erin! My father is pitch and my mom is princess eyes are bright blue and I have a huge scar on my left shoulder blade, but dad won't tell me where that came from either. I love to hide out in my room and read. I have light powers, which is strange, since my hairs black (pitch died it with shadows) im reckless and WAYYYYY to head strong. I run in head first and am to brave for my own good XD

This is annabell shes goth her mom died of drunk driving and her dad was murdered she's 20 she needs a nice loving family *ADOPTED* by Abby

Image result for the emo version of brave the movie

Image result for the emo version of brave the movie


which punk Disney character is your fave ? mine is bottom right forgot the name but from tangeled or tinkerbell

This is Tiana but she prefers to be called T. She is 17 and loves to die her hair.

This is Cheyanne. She is she's super pretty and loves nirvana. acdc, and she also loves goo goo dolls. PLEASE ADOPT

Punk Disney Ariel  Eric. LOVE her earrings, this is a gorg couple, I wanna watch this version too of the littler mermaid!!!

Punk Disney Ariel Eric wow if they were really punk in the movie they would have won Best Disney Couple award i swear ❤️❤️