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Metro Saint-Sulpice , original art , x Are you a Paris bus person? Or like me do you find yourself alway taking the Metro?

Fifi Flowers whimsical Paris

Fifi Flowers with a Parisian Flair

Painter of Whimsy and Fun with a Parisian flair Fifi Flowers says, “Life should be full of WHIMSY and FUN! Art is an experience that transcends all cultural boundaries… it makes us feel…


Bicycle Touring Paris Painting by Fifi Flowers - traditional - artwork - Etsy (For Erins Paris Theme Room)

Reaumur-Sebastopol, Paris - Por Eric Parker / http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericparker/2642401918/

Art Nouveau Entrance to the Paris Metro at Reaumur-Sebastopol - 1904 - by Hector Guimard (French, - Photo by Eric Parker - Mlle Been there!it was still beautiful!