Blair in Chuck's scarf, season 1

Another picture with the scarf. Wallpaper and background photos of Blair wearing Chuck's scarf for fans of Blair & Chuck images.

I want to be Blair Waldorf

fuckyeahchair: “ bdfl: “ Another fabulous picture of Leighton/Blair in Chuck’s scarf. ” ” The signature scarf! My episode prediction = return of the scarf & a.

Sofia Black-D'Elia Photos Photos - BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK.Cast members Blake Lively, Michelle Trachtenberg, Chace Crawford, Penn Badley of Gossip Girl film a scene on steps of museum. Trachtenberg carries a load of flowers off set. - Stars Film 'Gossip Girl' 2

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Gossip Girl's Best Looks From All 6 Seasons!

Gossip Girl's Best Looks From All 6 Seasons

Tendência meias

7 trends de Gossip Girl que queremos revisitar

blair waldorf black lace

Top 10 Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester Outfits in Gossip Girl From Season 1 - Raise hand if you watch Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair.

Blair’s riding boots, khaki jacket and straw riding cap on Gossip Girl season 6.  Outfit/6242/

GOSSIP GIRL-- "Portrait of a Lady Alexander"-- image Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf - Photo: Giovanni Rufino

Outfit inspired by Blair Waldorf's black lace dress: Little black dress, black pumps, hair bow, lace tights, chain strap bag, stud earrings..... OMG I <3 Blair Waldorf!!!!

Gossip Girl Fashion Retrospective: Blair Waldorf's Most Iconic Looks