Corporate Report Brochure by Genetic (via Creattica)

Buy Corporate Report Brochure by on GraphicRiver. This is a 16 page InDesign corporate report brochure, perfect for company that needs clean, professional, modern tem.

This solution is very creative and well executed. I don't feel like much out of place or leads my eyes astray. I see where they want me to start (indicated by the gorgeous burnt orange).

Using circles as a repeating element throughout the yearbook. You could use school colors, color scheme colors. Solid circles and rings. Play with transparency of the circles too. Another Cirle Brochure by Tony Huynh, via Behance

We Collaborate by John Barton & Sean Thomas - # editorial #design #layout…

I really love the way this book folds out, and the way that there is 2 books in which between them can create bigger pictures as well as separate information can we make the anthem fit together still if split apart. play off the versatility of the brand?

Brand Manual Template by Temply

Manual de marca de Temply * interesante como diagrama toda la información * sin perder importancia, todo el tratamiento del manual esta en la parte inferior y sigue siendo lo mas importante en la 아이덴티티, 조화, 어울림, 동반자]]]

Uit Zijn Verband Gerukt Data Visualization and Infographic Publication Design (this person has rad skills with colour...)  #infographics

"Uit Zijn Verband Gerukt" Data Visualization and Infographic Publication Design (this person has rad skills with colour.) < Nice use of colour, bright and vibrate, easy to read and understand for kids

UMagazing: Brochures for your Professional Corporate Business (25 Designs) Professional Business Brochure

This is a 16 page professional In-Design brochure perfect for corporate business that needs clean, professional, modern brochure template design.Easy to edit, you can change yellow accent color throughout the whole document at once, paragraph and charac…

Modern A5 Catalogue / Brochure - GraphicRiver Item for Sale:

Modern A5 Catalogue / Brochure