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Sewing Storage Ideas : 10 Ways To Store Sewing Threads and Bobbins

craft room organized: Materials: Ikea straws Description: I'm a quilter and so I see a lot and have a lot of bobbins loose all over but I like to keep them close by while I'm

golf tee to keep bobbins and thread together.  Need to find a surface to put the tees into.

Using golf tees to attach bobbin to spool of thread. Now I can just grab the spool with attached bobbin and I'm good to go.

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Genius Sewing Room Hacks

Sewing Room Organization Idea: File fabric over hanging file folders for easy selection and organized storage.

love this idea

Office/craft room - "thread bouquet" - can snip off a length of thread without removing the spool from the dowel. Could use knitting needles or a dowel with a base glued on.

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A practical use for golf tees. A tray + bit of glue + golf tees = sewing storage for thread spools and bobbins.

Thread Storage Solution - use a clear plastic  drawer storage bin and hot glue golf tees to it to store thread and keep dust away

Thread Storage Solution--This includes two, three drawer storage bins used for scrap book paper. Each drawer is x by 2 deep. dowels that cut into 1 lengths using pruning shears! pre-marked the drawers, used a little hot glue and wait till cool.

You'll learn a few quick tricks on keeping your sewing machine feet organized and all together.  Plus you'll know what they are!

Sewing Machine Feet - how to store them

Sewing Machine Feet Storage - Sew, What's New? Sewing Machine Feet Storage DIY I'm always looking at my book to see what presser foot to use. This will save tine and keep the feet in one place.