now.. i really don't enjoy beer at all but this gnome makes we want to drink it!

Just for the bottles"Norsk Ol" Brand Norwegian Beer Bottle Gnomes! Amazing packaging design by Ryanna Christianson.

Clube de Consumo Inteligente,, Beer Clube

This beer label makes good use of negative space by illustrating type in an almost playful way in the silhouttes of each character.

Creative Packaging. See-through Box/Tin General creative ideas to get inspiration from, none specifically linked to final concept or idea. Just a starting point.

Funny pictures about Creative Packaging Ideas. Oh, and cool pics about Creative Packaging Ideas. Also, Creative Packaging Ideas photos.

Thar she blows

Bring the office some drinks? That would be a cool packaging to offer. beer Beautiful Examples of Creative Packaging Design

Primeiro Design » Produto

Too pretty not to share the entire Teassert by Lily Kao packaging pin curated by Packaging Diva PD

Embalagens criativas e com design diferente (16)

24 embalagens diferentes e atrativas para você se inspirar

The concept for Two Prophets Day of the Dead-inspired moonshine is living proof that efficiency doesn’t have to sacrifice artistry.