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Mass Effect Valentine’s Day..... A little late, but it made me go "awwwwwww!"

Mass Effect Valentine's Day

Mako. <<  bet Cortez could drive it

Replotted: How's That Even Possible?

Just Shepard Things

saving the galaxy xoxo submit now, shepard on mobile? submit your JST through the askbox

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Garrus knows so much about calibrationg he's written a book! Okay so I was just wasting time making this but I felt someone had to do it! Calibrations for Dummies .

Shepard's Tragedy. Why didn't someone offer to feed them for me?! Their blood is on your hands Kelly!

Shepard's Tragedy by ~itsprecioustime on deviantART. The first time my fishes died was such a shock xD I didn't forget to feed them ever again after that

It's just a little friendly banter.

It's just a little friendly banter.

First time drawing Garrus! I've been obsessed with comic panels recently I really want to get better! Garrus/Shep belongs to MassEffect//Bioware Something like Calibrations

Hahaha, I love Garrus. He's always on my team, we run shit.

I'm playing Mass Effect 2 right now and every time I try to talk to him, he's like "Can't talk. Have calibrations to do.

I told you not to go through that street,Tali ::Liara

Next thing you're going to tell me that pharmacy has anti-biotics! View "Bookseller is Anti-Quarian" and more funny posts on Dorkly

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Mass effect Andromeda poster by Debadeep Sen - I might have teared up a bit at this. especially since it got delayed.