bet this was fun to build...Chongqing Mountain & City Sales Office, China

Mountain & City Sales Office, China

“ Taking inspiration from the surrounding mountain range in Nanshan, the newly designed Chongqing Mountain & City Sales Office has come to life. The interior architecture of the office, designed by.

an ancient wooden bridge in hangzhou city, china that inspired pritzker prize-winning architect wang shu for his museum in the city.

an ancient wooden bridge in Hangzhou, China (demonstrating the Leonardo da Vinci timber layering bridge concept of

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The Tetra Shed bureau de jardin 2 thumb 179979 Tetra Shed office module for open spaces tetra shed offices modules


Caroline Briel´s home office. Love the idea of the postcards holder. Taoyuanju Office Interior Renovation by Vector Architects.i wonder ho.

one plus partnership | exploded cinema

Exploded Cinema by One Plus Partnership