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General of Brigade of the French Light Cavalry (1812-15)

General of Brigade of the French Light Cavalry The richer the officer the darker the blue in the uniform.poorer officers emulated this by dying civilian clothes black.the troops had a faded much lighter blue.

Full length color image of General John Burgoyne aka. Gentleman Johnny, by George Stuart. Visit Our Site For More Information: http://www.galleryhistoricalfigures.com/figuredetail.php?abvrname=SirJohnBurgoyne

"Gentleman Johnny"Burgoyne had a long and distinguished military career, serving in the Seven Years War and later in Portugal against Spain, which made him a celebrated hero.Didn't fare so well in the American Revolutionary war.

French Line Regiment Languedoc, the reenactor represents a fusilier in the summer of 1755

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