French resource for students and parents in Ontario

Help for parents with children in French Immersion. This site supports parents who have children in a “French Immersion” (FI) program and wish to assist them with homework in French.

Adult coloring page

Good thing I've got these 10 Free Printable Holiday Adult Coloring Pages to help pull me a de-stress-or-izm (like excorcism, but for stress, not demons).

How to make a notebook / lined paper t-shirt for #backtoschool or end of the year. Use a sharpie for classmates or teachers to sign on the last day of school.

DIY Notebook Paper Tee: Great last day of school shirt made with blue and red sharpies. Send a sharpie to school to have classmates sign the shirt.

Les différents éléments d'une voiture

Les différents éléments d'une voiture

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Matérialiser les ressources numériques : retours d’expériences

Matérialiser les ressources numériques : retours d'expériences -

From June: 2012 Overdrive "Inside the Library" category winner. Winning Idea: Sacramento Public Library created eBook shelf cards to give their digital collection physical representation in the library. Template provided in comments.