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Never regret something that once made you smile

Regret keeps you in check. You cheated on someone, it made you smile at the time but ruined your life and hurt the ones you love.but don't regret it.

Rebuilding Life from within...

Inspirational Quotes: How to begin: Rebuilding Life from Within Embrace your situation, whatever it may be.

Isn't that the truth :) choices choices choices! ALL about choices. I can proudly say in my adult life I have ALWAYS made choices that were in good character and I am proud of that.

Wise words from a fictional, but very wise, man. Students are not defined by their abilities. It shows them choices matter. So make good choices.

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death

Need to remember this. Faith in God, medicine, doctors. Faith needs to come over the fear of this.

YES!!! I deserve better than your lying, your cheating, you try to cover it up with endearing phone calls, promises of the future, shower of gifts, trips and and weekend excursions of entertainment but that is your ploy to keep us around. To feed your ego. Make you look like the good guy all the while covering up the shit you do.

Once you realize you deserve better, letting go will be the best decision ever.feel sorry for women still holding onto a shitty relationship.when you realize you deserve so much more, you are worth so much more.your life will change!

Law of Attraction: This is so because once you believe or intend for joy and happiness in your day: thats all you will see to prove yourself right. Its the same with negative thoughts.

Love this quote it is so true

Hardest thing in the world is fixing a heart you didn't break. It's hard to watch you try.

for the perfectionist like me...

Note to my perfectionist self. (Oh hilarious I pinned the exact same quote months back -_- I'm one forgetful perfectionist.