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This (infographic) guide runs you through an introduction to suturing before taking you step-by-step through how & when to place 11 suturing techniques.

Anatomy Practice Worksheets

SmartDraw includes Anatomy examples like this Vertebra Unlabeled template that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

Found on fingerprintprojects.com Intended Audience: parents and teachers,  Intended Developmental Group:  Early Childhood,  How it can help and why you picked it: I choose this as an informational poster for parents to understand the different types of play their children participate in, as well as a informational poster for possible preschool teachers to help promote different types of play for children.

This is a chart on the different types of play. Each section includes detailed information on the types of play. The different types of play could be used in play therapy for the child.

Physician Annual Salary by Specialty

Are you a victim of Medical Malpractice? How to find out The hard work and expense involved in getting a medical degree can leave a medical student with crushing student loan debt. Many students face the dec