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Silhouette Photo This is a picture of a couple who are dancing during the sunset and the aperture is and the shutter speed is

asthesunrisesoverthemountains:  all-things-bright-and-beyootiful:  Melissa Green Photography  This is wonderfully beautiful

asthesunrisesoverthemountains:bright-and-beyootiful: Melissa Green Photography This is wonderfully beautiful. Engagement pics with trucks.

holding pinkies <3

I love this. Reminds me of Anthony and I in so many ways. "I pinky promise to love you forever and for always.

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Hanging lanterns lit for ceremony decor and lighting.

Hanging candles and lights - Hanging Mason Jar Lights for Wedding. I love this idea for an evening fall wedding ceremony outside!

Bohemian Wedding Ideas for ceremony and reception! Love the crown and the arch, and rainbow candy station.

I have absolutely no reason to be posting wedding jive. But @Kristin George, this just really reminds me of you.

Real Wedding: Kristin + Brandon's Woodsy Organic Wedding

I want a picture like this ❤️

Wedding photographers are there to capture the most important moments of your special day. The classic black and white wedding photo is as stunning at it is timeless. Below are some of our favorite black and white shots, and boy are they gorgeous.