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If A Dragon Cries (The Legend of Hooper's Dragons Book by [Darby, Gary]

'Caught In The Web', Martina Hoffmann, Oil on Canvas, 2003

Sorrel's Dragons: a warrior and his human rider.

The book cover of DragonLance Chronicles, the Annotated Edition. My favorite series growing up!

Salacious B. Crumb Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: The Card Game - Darkness and Light Art Director: Zoe Robinson Digital I produced one card for the upc. Salacious B.

Batman What If Van Gogh, Mark Romanoski

Painted in this is the first in the new What If? What if the old masters were alive today? What would be their takes on Comic Books and Pop Culture? Signed by Mark Framed 26 x inches

Untitled by peggy77

Sphinx - the Egyptian Sphinxes are often called androsphinges, not describing them as male beings, but as lions with the upper part human, to distinguish them from those Sphinxes whose upper part was that of a sheep or ram