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Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth I, the second daughter of King Henry VIII, was born in 1533 and died in Henry VIII was disappointed when Anne Boleyn birthed a daughter instead of a son to be heir to his throne. However, Queen Elizabeth I would later be considered

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Facts about Elizabethan Era England life. Information about The Tudors, Henry viii, daily life of people and their clothing.

Elizabeth I -- the "virgin" queen. Survived multiple assassination attempts and took a broken country and lead it into the "Golden Years". Such a strong woman with just the right amounts of each of her parents - Henry VIII & Anne Boylen- in her.

Elizabeth I Prepares for Her Coronation at the Tower of London

Queen Elizabeth I probably after William Scrots photograph of painting, late century (circa 20 in. mm x 390 mm) acquired Unknown source, 1958 NPG

QUEEN ELIZABETH I, 1533-1603, by Federico Zuccaro

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Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England by Federico Zuccaro (Italian,

Elizabeth I during the late 1590s

Queen Elizabeth I., circa late Possibly one of the portraits done for distribution, with Her Majesty's approval. So popular and in demand were her portraits, Elizabeth permitted mass production of her image, for the people.

Elizabeth I of England

1580 Queen Elizabeth I Unknown Artist after Zuccarro COMPOSED Much suspected by me, Nothing proved can be, Quoth Elizabeth prisoner.