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I love you

After 21 years together Shiba the lioness spends hours grooming her dying mate before he was euthanised at Pittsburgh Zoo

Africa | Early morning drink. Young male Lion coalition at Ngala.  South Africa | © Stephen Mawby

Young male lion coalition at Ngala, South Africa © Stephen Mawby

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The Eye of a Lion King A very mischievous 4 month old Male Lion cub in a rescue center Africa. by Olivia Williams

South Africa Lions | Sunny Side Inspiration

One day, son, you'll be the lion king: Father and newborn son look over their terrain at spot that inspired Disney movie

I've always loved Lions. So strong and beautiful. They grow to be so big, brave, and smart. I love this picture. I'd protect my child as a lion would his cub.

What is this, third grade? With boys pulling the girls' pig tails because they like them? :)

Lioden is a brand new revolutionary twist on SIM game experience - be the king of your very own pride of lionesses, breed the best cubs, defend your territory and battle other lions for supremacy.

Africa | Young Lion.  Mpumalanga, South Africa | ©Marianne Agerbeek

Africa | Young Lion. Mpumalanga, South Africa | ©Marianne Agerbeek


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Sleeping on momma's paw

Big Mama Cat with a Big Paw, the perfect place for her Cub to rest her head for a Cub Nap. More cute baby animal pictures at source.

African safaris: How to find a bargain

African safaris: How to find a bargain

Of all the rare things you might expect to see on safari, financial savings are probably the rarest. But with 10 top budget tips from Douglas Rogers, that could change.

Lion just swinging his mane in the breeze.

not sure why but think this lion looks like how I feel with the wind blowing in my hair and sun on my face:) Pure happiness