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The stylists that pit Taehyung in Leather pants deserves a raise!!!

jungkookandyugyeomwhores: “BTS Appreciation {Taehyung In Black} - Admin Kath ”

Schau rein wenn du langeweile hast ;) #zufällig Zufällig #amreading #books #wattpad

everyone in Bangtanboys wants a piece of maknae!

Etiqueta #BTSBBMAs en Twitter

Currently my biaswrecker. I only have one bias and that's jimin but if anyone ever takes his place it's only for a day and always from BTS. Taehyung, you better take a step away from my heart before tomorrow!

Lord these boys should not be allowed to wear leather pants for the safety of all Army's pls

BTS, Run. Kim Taehyung (V)

v: noona catch me. me: nah ah.you only gonna run,,, buut then again why not .

Sexy joonie

Sexy joonie