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Just don't actually be hugging each other while shooting. You may need your nonfiring arm for more critical tasks, such as magazine changes, and a hundred other things. I just like the idea of a woman defending her turf along with her man, bringing heat t

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My wife likes ammo too though

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Good one for Throwback Thursday, at least for those of us no longer in the Service. Have a great Thursday all!

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For when I start learning the big guns

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A Gun in the Hand is Better than a Cop on the Phone - Meoso

HK 416 DEVGRU AAC SPR SILENCER ...Hellllllo gorgeous!

An accessories AR is a great ZDW (zombie defense weapon


I support helping The Needy not The Greedy! America needs to get a grip and stop the Complete Insanity and Chaos the Republicans have served up the last 6 years! (since the day President Obama was elected) Rotten Republicans

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Keep Calm and Oppa Gangnam Vinyl Wall Decal or Car Sticker

Well, that little lady certainly is safe, or as safe as she can be in a world where there is always risk....

Protection, A basic parental responsibility. Protect the

I'm Going To Be Honest...

I'm Going To Be Honest...