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"You know, someone once told me time is a flat circle. True Detective, Matthew McConaughey as Rust Cohle.

13 Awesome Pieces of ‘True Detective’ Fan Art

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Alcoholism, corruption and true detective work with a sprinkling of the satanic occult. American comic-con regular Danny Haas captures some of TV and films

True Detective - Rust by norbface

I'm really enjoying this work by Norbface - I loved True Detective and the acting, as well as the character development. True Detective - Rust by norbface on DeviantArt

"True Detective" - season 2 // The war was lost, the treaty signed. I was not caught, I crossed the line. I was not caught, though many tried. I live among you, well disguised. I had to leave my life behind, I dug some graves you'll never find. The story's told with facts and lies. I have a name, but never mind.

"True Detective" - season 2 // The war was lost, the treaty signed.

Rust Cohle by mformadness

DeviantArt: More Like True Detective : Rust Cohle and Martin Hart by

Bad Men 'True Detective' Tribute Poster.Mixed media –digital...

Bad Men 'True Detective' "The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.(True Detective, Season Episode 3 ‘The Locked Room’)

True Detective  Rust Cohle

Detective Rust Cohle - That's because we know what we want and we don't mind being alone.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

the grand budapest hotel. 《歡迎來到布達佩斯大飯店》 The Grand Budapest Hotel