Grinch tree

I would decorate it a bit differently, but I love the tall, skinny, bent tree in the Grinch& sack.

Christmas mantle, cute photo vases with green ornaments. Says "i believe in Christmas, I just don't have time or too much of an imagination for more.

All the these photographs are the property of the talented photographers listed and linked below.  I hope you take the time to explore their photostreams because they are chock full of incredible photos.  Enjoy. 1. Holiday Decor, 2. Fallen Green Ornament, 3. O'Little Christmas Tree, 4. Acorn Glass Christmas Ornaments, 5. wound around, 6. Christmas is Coming, 7. Grinchy green ornaments, 8. snow people, 9. Peace on Earth, 10. The Christmas tomatoes, 11. Peridot, 12. Lightning bulb, 13. green…

Gold, white or silver, pink and purple colors are modern Christmas colors that you can choose for Single Christmas Color decorating this winter holiday season