Romantic English Cottage

I was thrilled to find a wall unit like this at the local thrift store recently. Loved the shelf immediately and bought it before someone else did. I just need to paint mine this lovely shabby chic green.

Old China in a mosaic on top of a buffet ! Stunning ! Thanks to ~ShAbBy PrIm DeLiGhTs~ ~MiChElLe~ for the share ! via

re-purposed old china to mosaic buffet table top. love the idea of reassembling the plates so they seem to be layered on top of each other - the effect has great depth! Could be a shabby chic item.

Miss pott and chip (:

Disney Beauty and The Beast Tea Pot & Cup Tea set Mrs. Pot and Chip. I have this tea pot, but not the cup.

Raspberry pink cupcake stand centerpiece, topped with a mini teapot covered in roses by HighTeaForAlice . love the top piece, you could put tea spoons in it! (or a sugar bowl with lumps of sugar .