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OMG! YES!!! Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Katniss all rolled up into a quote from Spiderman! They all match their personalities!

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Katniss all rolled up into a quote from Spiderman. My only problem is that the Percy Jackson movie sucked, therefore giving the amazing books a bad rep =P

In this series, you will be exposed to tried and true principles to help you learn how to really love a woman. These 30 minute sessions are easily and immediately applicable. Begin to love your spouse the way you wished you could. Dr. Weiss' practical tools will make you more successful at loving your spouse. #onselz

How to Really Love a Woman

How to Really Love a Woman - Douglas Weiss Ph.

This instant video exposes you to many tired and true spiritual truths with very practical applications. You and your church are about to take an amazing journey towards God's insights for your freedom. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Clean book and Clean: The Journal. This set can be used individually or in a church small group or accountability group. #onselz


Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity Book

Just in case those who were living under rocks don't know...

What OTP Really Means.I understand that OTP means ONE true pairing but seriously how do people only have one? I have like fifty OTPs and they're all my babies, and then like a million regular ships in different places on the scale of fangirl/fanboy