Thanksgiving cookie decorating ideas

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Owl Cupcakes

birthday maybe. Owl Cupcakes Recipe,,,so cute, will have to surprise my daughter with these someday.she loves owls!

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Natural Lemon Strawberry Protein Smoothie

decorate cookies 7 Need some cookie decorating inspiration? (38 photos)

Need some cookie decorating inspiration? (38 photos)

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Need these faces on cake pops! Make the cheeks in light blue and they could pass a baby face cookies.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes are awesome! We had a Cookie Monster cake for my son when he was little

Funny pictures about Cookie Monster cookies. Oh, and cool pics about Cookie Monster cookies. Also, Cookie Monster cookies photos.

Spice mice cookies~T~ These are so cute......and all thru the house not a creature was stirring,not even a mouse.

Spice Mice

Spice Mice—Kids can help search through the dried chow mein noodles for the noodles that will make the most outrageous tails.

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Easy Owl Cookies

Wise Old Owl Cookies: You need Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Jimmies, Chocolate Twizzlers, Peach Rings & Reese's Pieces.

Cinnamon Polar Bears ~ Super cute cookies perfect for the Holidays or just anyday.

Cinnamon Polar Bears - Super cute cookies perfect for Christmas or just anyday (or a Teddy bear picnic! Kids will love to to make these with you!

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

White Chocolate And Cranberry Cookies Recipe

beautiful idea

After cutting out rounds of cookie dough, create a pattern by using the bottom of a fancy glass. Simply dip the glass in some flour, then press into cookie dough to create an imprint. Use a pastry brush to remove the excess flour from the cookie.

Thanksgiving cookie decorating ideas

Kids would love these. Plain sugar cookies with extra small circles, chocolate chips and an almond. For halloween, or fall, or a "Harry Potter" party!Or because owls are awesome.