Choosing the Perfect Pink Tulip for Your Flower Beds - A Guide to Pink Tulip Varieties

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Purple Parrot Tulip mixed with others. My grandfather used to grow these.

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Tulip 'Supri Dotti' This coloration is actually caused by a virus rather than breeding. It is the only affect the virus has on the plant.


~Tulipa Black Parrot is a sport of Queen of Night with heavy ruffling and a verdiflora brushing of green. Probably too dark a contrast with pure cold white but happy with ivory whites, apricot, and soft pinks.

~~ Tulips via Vanda’s Pictures ~~

Tulips flowers: Their perennial bulb like form makes them a symbol of resurrection and determination. This beautiful flower is in the genus tulip and has 109 species.

Tulips and Daffodils.  They layout a beautiful blanket to warm the earth and our hearts.

Beautiful Tulips - a much loved feature of the gardens at Westbourne House as the characters begin to unite there in the Spring of


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They've always been my favourite flower that grows in my garden each year since I was a small child.