More proof that artists see the world in an entirely different way...

Funny pictures about That's Quite A Spectacle. Oh, and cool pics about That's Quite A Spectacle. Also, That's Quite A Spectacle photos.

An art work by Banksy, at the bottom of Park Street, in central Bristol, England. The Council have decided not to clean it off.

Naked Man image by Banksy, on the wall of a sexual health clinic in Park Street…

J Street location in Sacramento, CA. Digital Edition

artist unknown - sacramento, I'll have to look for this one next time I visit Mom&Dad and my sisters and neice and nephew.

Art is Trash - one of a number of sculptures created by street artist Francisco de Pajaro. They're popping up on London's street corners every day, made from discarded rubbish.

Art is Trash - in pictures

The series "Art is Trash" by Spanish artist Francisco de Pájaro, who hijacks garbage and trash into street art creations, giving a specific life to this dark


Amazing Shark Graffiti… - Amazing Street Art - Shark - by Unknown artist

David De La Mano, CVTA Street Fest

for David De La Mano
for the CVTà Street Fest
Civitacampomarano, Italy - 2017