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#JamieDornan my inspiration for my future husband

eyes so blue loves his wife his children and life I can say I really like that combo

I love that look... that sexy little smirk. Like on The Fall... it makes me want him when he's playing a sadistic serial killer which is disturbing lol

Jaime Dornan's jawline makes my eye twitch; forget 50 Shades of Grey--have you seen his Hugo Boss modeling pics?

More material for my JD intervention  Laurel     Gillian, 46, who arrived at our shoot from the London home she shares with her three children (Piper, 20, Oscar, 8, and Felix, 6), inspected the T-shirt with her icy blue eyes, her wide mouth an unreadable smirk, then fixed them on Tom, Stylist’s photography director, and said, "I think I’m feeling in a fun mood today, Tom."

Gillian Anderson: 'People should know that I laugh'