Cameo tiara belonging to Josephine made from a single shell of Cassis Cornuta, its shape following that of the shell. Engraved with five medallions surrounded by wreath- or beads-edging, with Apollo's chariot in the centre,& the 4 Seasons, represented by putti, on the sides. Embellished with rubies, emeralds and turquoises mounted on gold flower motifs. images - Royal Jewels of the World message board

Cameo tiara belonging to Josephine, made from a single shell of Cassis Cornuta…

county coronet by

county coronet by

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Sweet little cuties medieval

The caption read "Medieval Children" but the boy in the middle knows their true evilness level.I love his face, his mouth shows unhappiness, but his eyes are planning revenge!

All regalia of Imperial and Tzar's Russia that are kept in The Diamond Fund, Kremlin, Moscow

royals-and-quotes: “ Royal Crown - Russian Imperial Crown All regalia of Imperial Russia are kept in The Diamond Fund, Kremlin, Moscow.

Crown of Hildesheim, Germany (ca. 1000; gold, silver, cameos, pearls, precious gemstones).

The Crown of Hildesheim, showing a cameo and flat plaques of venetian-style patterned glass used as "gems". Cathedral of St. From: Early Medieval European Crowns and Coronets

Portugal,18th century, gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds

image Crown made of Gold, silver, rubis, emeralds and brilliants. Royal Palace of Ajuda, Portugal.

The figures are from a bestiary in the Ashmolean.

The figures are from a bestiary in the Ashmolean manuscript. Visit site to down load academia on the Ashmolean.

crown (looks French)?

Austrian - Gothic-Style Bracelet - Walters 571999 - Moss agate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia