Explore Character Changes, A Character, and more!

A character arc explores how a character changes on an emotional, mental, intellectual, or spiritual level during the course of a story. Get started today by exploring character arc basics in this chat recap f

By Tineke Bryson, Staff In last week’s post we tackled the intimidation many of us feel about creating a map for our novels.) This week we focus on why we can.

A Guide to Fantasy and Fairy Tale Fiction for Self-Published Authors

Get this quick and easy guide that goes through 10 things to do and not to do when writing in the fantasy and fairy tale genres. If you've been itching to start your next novel in either of these genres, but don't know where to start--consider this your s

The 5 Absolute Dimensions of Character Personality

Novice writers who don’t know their characters tend to bog down their novels with backstory. They’ll be writing along, telling a great story, and then suddenly

How To Write A Villain That Readers Will Love To Hate. <<brilliant advice for writing powerful, believable villains!

Creating Cultures in Fiction: 15 Things to Consider

Creating Cultures in Fiction: 15 Things to Consider. Writing Tips.

“ Writing couples is both enchanting and exhausting. How do you make people ship your couple? How do you make them an OTP? How do you make your couple matter to the story? Or matter at.

How long can someone be underwater, go without food, or be suffocated and survive? How will they overcome snakebites, gunshot wounds, and more? Not Quite Dead: A Writer's Guide to Serious Injuries and Calamities - writing resource

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Unable to properly describe your main characters voice in your NaNoWriMo novel Check out this master list of voice descriptions