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brudesworld:  Bernie Wrightson, 1980

brudesworld: Bernie Wrightson, 1980 RIP Bernie, such an awesome artist.loved this Frankenstein work.



Bernie Wrightson's edition of Frankenstein was first published in 1983 under the Marvel imprint, and then again in 1994 under an actual novel-book imprint,

Publisher and purveyor of the finest illustration art and books, including illustrators quarterly, and specialising in illustration artists and their art.

Cool Art: 'Frankenstein Alive, Alive' by Bernie Wrightson

Teaser image from the forthcoming issue of Frankenstein Alive, Alive by Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson

Artist : Berni Wrightson : 'Frankenstein Or The Modern Prometheus' By Mary Wollstonecraft Shellry : A Portfolio By Berni Wrightson

'Frankenstein, Alive, Alive!' Bernie Wrightson - Galleries

Cool Art: Bernie Wrightson & Steve Niles presents 'Something Spooky' At Guzu Gallery. Art by Bernie Wrightson

Celebrated Illustrator Bernie Wrightson Dies at 68