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wallpaper with Castiel and Dean from Supernatural episode "Point of no return" characters are trademarks of and copyrighted by Warner Bros Don't piss off the nerd angel

I miss Kevin.<<I absolutely LOVE Dean and his pop culture references! it makes my day

Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot

misha collins and jensen ackles

Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles - love these two - both hilarious. *cough cough* I also ship Destiel.

Supernatural "Bad Seed" Jensen directing

Supernatural "Bad Seed" Jensen directing, he looks so proud about being there since day one and it makes my heart swell with joy

I am all three. But actually just Cas and Dean

People In Class-- Sam: the overachiever, Cas: the kid that gave up on paying attention before they even walked in the door, and Dean: the "what the actual fuck is going on"/"oh shit, that was due TODAY?" kid << I am both Cas and Dean xD

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LOL. Look at this

Intelligent, attractive male who is a total badass, but also an absolute cutie with an intense love for puppies and an undying need to help/save the world to atone for sins thAT AREN'T EVEN HIS FAULT OH I'M GETTING EMOTIONAL

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